Timeless design,
crafted with love

Trendy handwoven baskets create with talented artisans. Each piece is unique.

On the banks of the Senegal River, on the edge of the Sahara, an invasive reed called Typha grows on the banks of the river. Since time immemorial, the expert and patient hands of the women of the Sahel have been able to transform this harmful plant into sublime basketry objects.

Each basket, created for you with care, invites you to a journey of the senses, a pleasure for the eyes, for the touch, but also to weave bonds with those who weave the fibers, these Senegalese women so proud of their unique knowledge. 

Let yourself be invaded by the sweet smell of the straw and sublimate the decoration with a chic and ethnic touch. With KawoBazaar, the magic of African craftsmanship is delivered to the four corners of the world.

Many thanks 🤍

"It is a work of art"


"Beautiful and so useful"


"This is a high end basket
and it is definitely made well! "


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Create with talented artisans unique handwoven baskets.