In the Ouest African valley, on the borders of the desert an invasive reed called Typha grows on the banks of the river. Since time immemorial, the expert and patient hands of the women of the Sahel have been able to transform this harmful plant into sublime basketry objects.

Each basket, created for you with care, invites you to a journey of the senses, a pleasure for the eyes,
for the touch, but also to weave bonds with those who weave the fibers, these Senegalese women so proud of their unique knowledge. 

Let yourself be invaded by the sweet smell of the straw and sublimate the decoration with a chic and ethnic touch. With KawoBazaar, the magic of African craftsmanship is delivered to the four corners of the world.


The art of basket weaving in Africa is ancestral. The women transmit their knowledge from generation to generation. These baskets are used in the daily life of African women.

By combining the trends of the current decoration and the traditional weaving techniques, Kawobazaar wishes to keep this unique know-how alive.

We work in solidarity with a group of women living in the most remote  living in the most remote areas of northern Senegal. A large laundry basket can take 4 to 5 days to weave. Each product sold is paid directly to the weaver who made it. They can feed their families and send their children to school.

Adopting a Kawobazaar basket is supporting the women of the Sahel.


Kawo Bazaar baskets are made with materials that respect the planet.
Typha grass, a marsh grass woven with recycled plastic.

Plastic waste is a real scourge on the African coast. The Sosenap factory recycles tons of plastic waste by transforming the material. Our baskets are woven with these colorful recycled plastic threads.

Typha is an invasive marsh grass that proliferates with deforestation and drought.
Today, we are trying to find uses for it. Charcoal can be replaced by typha, in the building industry it is also used for insulation. We use it in common objects of decoration with our multipurpose baskets.

Adopting a Kawobazaar basket is also use our waste for upcycle.

Climate action

Kawobazaar join Tree nation to protect the planet with reforest action in Sahel. With the Forest Garden Program in Senegal. Trees are the natural solution to climate change that remove and store CO2 from our atmosphere.
We plant a tree for every purchase.

Adopting a Kawobazaar basket is also planting a tree

20 years ago I discovered in Senegal these courageous women who call me Kawo on the colorful markets, I then cross the African roads full of beautiful encounters. 

Kawo Bazaar was born from travel, freedom, encounters, sharing... It is the weaving of life.